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“I was told that playing in Green Bay was not an option, regardless of what you hear from up there.” Then I was told that “We can’t imagine you playing or can’t envision you playing with another team as well.” What does that tell me? Tells me “We don’t want you playing period”.”

Favre’s an honest guy, I’ve always believed him to be a straight shooter and I don’t believe him to be doing anything different here. (True, if you let Brett ramble on long enough he will kindof talk himself in a circle but hey, I put that on Greta for not really conducting an ‘interview’ here and just letting Favre talk.)

A lot of what’s happened makes a lot more sense to me now. Favre is 38 years old and has been thinking about retirement for a few years. Favre and Ted Thompson have been rumored to have friction between them for years, so much so that it’s pretty hard not to take that into consideration. According to Favre the Packers pressed him for an answer regarding his retirement in March, before the draft and before the start of the free agency period. Apparently Coach McCarthy called Favre every week to get his answer. So Favre gave them the answer he had for them at that time, which was that, no, he was not prepared to return for another season. Based on this Thompson had his green light to go ahead with his plans for the Favreless Green Bay Packers.

Alright, so here’s what I wanna know. WHY did the Packers just HAVE to know whether or not this would be the year that Favre retires for good? The team just came off an amazing season led by the guy who they write football legends about and you’re telling me Aaron freaking Rodgers’ freshness seal was about to expire?! They couldn’t go one more year with the man who has built and served an NFL legacy rivaled by NO OTHER?!

Yo, this is Brett “The Gunslinger” Favre we’re talking about – I really don’t need to bust out stats or records. Rodgers has potential yes, he has had a few scant opportunities to perform and made some nice plays but he also got hurt. Twice. I gotta say, as a Packer fan that sticks out in my mind because how do you give me the Ironman and then swap him for some dainty dude with an ass rubbin’ beard who may or may not be prone to cracking his hooves as he tries to scramble?

And how do I feel as a Packer fan, not a Brett Favre fan? (because I am both). Well, as a Packer fan I am of course saddened by the controversy to begin with, but no Packer fan didn’t foresee some kind of upset when the day arrived that #4 would no longer be the focal point of the team. But I am glad that he addressed the points which make us Cheeseheads nervous, nervous that our undying love in Brett Favre is maybe unrequited?

“I can’t imagine being with anyone else, or haven’t envisioned being with someone else. That has always been my focus. As I said then, I will say now, really as I’ve said my whole career, playing in Green Bay is … there is nothing like it. There is nothing like that. It’s one of those things, it was destiny. A kid from south Mississippi, a lot like Bart Starr. Who would have ever thought that I would go to Green Bay and have the career I had?”

Aww, Brett, you do love us after all.