Unsurprisingly, today Bush does what oilmen Republicans do and lifts the ban on offshore drilling in federal waters, giving the false impression that this will help drive down oil prices, a scheme long-touted by Republicans that has been examined time and again and will do NOTHING to drive down oil prices. This week another bank collapses, this time Indymac, with everyone scrambling to pass the blame. Oil prices continue to go up and up and up and my Honda Civic, which used to cost $18 to fill in 2003 now costs $50.

What is happening?!!!Is the economic world facing for a major depression? We can safely say that the recession is already here. Bear Stearns, a bank that has survived economic downturns for a hundred years has been destroyed and the Fed sent in to rescue them. Other banks struggle to keep their stocks from crashing as the mortgage crisis of foreclosures and empty homes shows no signs of ever actually ending.

After eight year of Bush’s rule, this administration has done more damage to our (and the world) economy than one can even fathom. From the lack of regulation in American banks, which let this monster loose, to the war in Iraq that costs us billions (andlives )a day, to the incompetence of the federal government we see every day which shone brightest on the world stage during Katrina, Bush’s presidency has been a model of incompetence, war-mongering, economic mismanagement and destruction, and an example of how much damage one determined Neocon, his minions and a Spineless Congress can do. THIS is what happens when Republicans are in charge. Bush and his Beltway Boyz are exceptionally good at destruction.

All this economic hell will give us at least one thing that will make sure that the rich stay rich and don’t lose everything…more Mergers and Acquisitions, meaning a smaller and smaller amount at the top running things.

Oh, and we’re currently in a world food crisis.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to vote Democratic this November, I don’t know what is.