I can contain my excitement no longer, people – a lifelong dream is about to come true. No, I don’t have a unicorn Pegasus in my backyard (YET), but I am nonetheless bouncing off the walls with glee. Why? Because I’m going to order my very own Tailfeather Attacks! Action Figure.

Doll Artist Cyndi Safstrom creates vinyl dolls and action figures with personalized heads based on the photos or videos of customers. While the Be A Doll website doesn’t provide much information as to the creative process, Cyndi’s photos speak for themselves. And those photos say: This is awesome. Whether you’re looking to engage in a fantastical act of narcissism (I am!) or simply want to gift a truly creepy birthday present to a loved one (I do!), personalized dolls have it all.

Additionally, you can choose your own outfit for your doll. I visualize Tailfeather Attacks! as a twenty-first-century Shera/Mad Max denizen, complete with body armor and an attitude. Share in the joy of discovery, and let us know the plans for your own dolls in the comments section.