My only ONLY complaint with this very funny piece is that it fully raises one of my biggest pet peeves, the term “assless/buttless chaps.” Guize, srsly, chaps are, by DEFINITION, without fabric covering the ass & crotch area. That’s what essentially makes chaps chaps. Think about it, have you ever in your life seen a pair of chaps that covered up the ass area? No, you haven’t, because those are called “pants”, or, if you wanna be a stickler, “crotchless pants”, because chaps are open to the crotch as well. And if both crotch and ass are covered, the garment = pants. So, pants – crotch and ass covering = chaps, no? So, why the fuck is it so common for people to feel the need to say that chaps are “assless”? I don’t get it.
We need to retire the term “assless chaps” and fwd it the the Department of Redundancy Department once and for all, before I start slapping bitches. Suggestions for naming the act of wearing chaps with no pants beneath, only undies beneath, or nothing beneath include:
Stand-Alone Chaps
The Chunnel (“I see London, I see France”, get it?)
the French Quarter Special
South Beach Surprise
Miami Tuxedo
Save a Horse, Ride a Cliche’
Leave your other suggestions in the comments!!