Why does it always seem that I read something funny or weird in the New York Times that I already noticed and didn’t write down? Oh, that’s right, I’m a procrastinator of the worst kind. “That’s interesting (this odd thing I noticed). I’ll jot it down later.” Two weeks on…and I’ve completely forgotten about it. The same thing happened here.

Two weeks ago my beloved and me decided that we’d return to watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. We’d stopped watching both programs because we were concerned during the primaries that they’d be in the tank for Obama therefore ruining both shows.

See, my problem with the many pundits and those in the political class that backed Obama (ahem, I’m looking at you Olbermann and Moulitsas), is that their credibility is lost. I’m not talking about those dolts on Fox or most of the mainstream media. I’m specifically referring to those that I respected and liked before this primary season. Olbermann was always a blowhard, but he was our blowhard, dammit! And DailyKos was a daily fix until they became a Hillary hate-fest in which its very own leader would happily join in.  When they both decided to take sides when the primary came along…and join in with Hillary-hatefests worthy of the Fox News 90’s well, that’s when I knew something was seriously wrong with this picture.   Anyhoo…back to the show.

We put on Colbert, ready to laugh at politics and the actors within it. What I loved about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert was that they would rip everyone: Democrats, Republicans, Independents…all of them. Because they are all worthy of it. Pols are pols. Even the ones you like. I fondly recall laughing my arse off at John Kerry attempting to hunt.

Then came the Obama joke. Something about him finding a new religion. Except it didn’t make fun of Obama. It made fun of um….M. Night Shamaylan. Oh, and they got the facts wrong (not to mention a little racist since they claimed Shamaylan is a Hindu when in fact, he’s a hard-core Christian). So that was disturbing. Where was my joke?! Where was it that we made fun of McCain, Hillary, AND Obama? But the Obama joke never came. And the show left me feeling meh.

Yesterday, The Times wrote about this very thing (See!?! I totally should have written that down!!). They talked to hosts and writers and everyone involved in funny business and found out that basically, they’re all too chicken-shit (and the vast vast majority of them too white) to make fun of Him. Granted, it’s hard. You can’t make fun of his voice, his lack of womanizing, his physical appearance, his race.

Oh, and apparently The Daily Show‘s audience won’t laugh at any Obama jokes. Get a grip, hipsters!! He’s not your Lord and Savior, he’s the Democratic nominee for President.  But, c’mon guys!? You can’t come up with ONE good joke? Pathetic.