Every now and again, rarefied gems of such exquisite hipster stupidity come along that beg to be shared with everyone on the internets, regardless of whether or not that was their birthplace to begin with. See: Cobrasnake, shirts with ironic sayings printed on, Merkley (very fond of the topless girl hipster photo, that one), swapping STDs like so many Garbage Pail Kids cards in 1985 and, as ever, good old, trusty old American Apparel!

The bulletins that hipsters post on Myspace.com are a veritable goldmine for this sort of thing. A treasure chest full of idiocy, trust fund baby spit-up and tempter tantrums about how “this city will eat you alive and then spit you out into the gutter at (insert undesirable residential area here, i.e. Jersey, Long Beach, the Marina District)”. Poor hipsters! It’s so hard on them, especially since, you know, they have no real friends. Tsk, tsk.

Go easy on Feel free to let your dead black heart swell a little at the colossal douchiness of Cody, today’s featured hipster:

Subject: cody got a job!

Its about time i started earning my keep!

Its this temp job downtown. Im fixing perspective for a golf video game. Apparently these brainiacks dont know that objects recede as it approaches the horizon.

I cant talk too much about it.

(non-discloser) but im thinking that i’tll be really good for my constitution!

Whatever, its work and im pleased with myself!

happier than ive been in a while,

Phew! OK, pls. to cue “Son Of A Gun”, I can feel it now.

*Contributed by SkinnyBoneJones*