broke the news early this morning that Moe Tkacik, one of the most polarizing yet beloved voices of its sister site,, is leaving for

Moe had her fair share of detractors in her 14 months at Jezebel, most notably for her anti-Hillary Clinton stance and some recent public remarks about date rape and safe sex, but whether you agreed with her or not, she’s an endlessly engaging, sharp and often very funny writer. Her posts on everything from politics to tampon horror stories and King Creep Paul Janka were provocative and heart-felt.

Go get ’em, Moe!

P.S. Expect our own Sinister Rouge, a longtime friendly sparring partner of Moe’s, to weigh in a bit later.

UPDATE: One of us just had a brilliant idea (it happens sometimes). In the comments, post some of your favourite Moe moments!