I have loved Teri Garr since I was a young girl. I remember being astonished at how beautiful she was in “Young Frankenstein,” and funny too! You just didn’t see that often in Hollywood in those days — an astonishingly beautiful, smart, funny woman.

If you’re a fan, read this great interview with her on The Onion. Even though she’s struggled with MS for years and had a brain aneurysm last year, Garr remains as funny, honest, irreverant and feisty as ever.

Here she is too on a recent episode of Letterman. What I love about this is clearly she’s not in the best of health, and has thankfully foresaken getting her face messed with like so many of her peers, but she’s still as beautiful and sexy as ever. There’s still the trademark twinkle in her eye and her coy sense of humour, and Letterman is still as hot for her as he was years ago. Love love love!