Remember Jocelyn Elders? Cuz I do. And she was the shit. She was our surgeon general from 1993 to 1997.

She was fired by Clinton because the right-wing had managed to make such motherfucking political hay out of the fact that she (GASP!) promoted condom distribution in schools and (OMG!! GROSS!! GASP!!!) masturbation.

I miss her.

In the meantime, Bush has done such a bang-up job of bringing our reproductive rights back to the stone age Birth control is now considered an abortion by his administration.

Did you know that our government’s aid to Africa is predicated on the condition that condoms not be a part of the deal? Meaning that as we pat ourselves on the back and say that we’re helping the the African AIDS crisis, we’re refusing to let condoms be a part of the cause, even though they are a proven way to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. But hell, what do NGOs and the UN know about such things! Dubya knows best.

Teen pregnancy rates went down sharply in the 90s. Couldn’t have been that safe sex permeated our culture right? Here’s another 90s holdover:

Y’all!? Do you remember when the Real World PROMOTED safe sex instead of showing you exactly what NOT to do? You turn that shit on today and it looks like a hot tub full of STDs. You can almost see the gonorrhea bubbles!

I remember when condoms were not only cool, but a MUST. When safe sex was something that celebrities, reality-based and actual, promoted instead of being famous for getting STDs and getting pregnant at sixteen.

With all we’ve learned about STDs, pregnancy, HIV, AIDS and every other problem–health related and otherwise– that comes with practicing unsafe sex, why are we regressing instead of progressing.

Did you know that the cases of black Americans with AIDS is in step with those of African nations? (h/t Ceejee for the news!)

That is real. And should scare you.

Instead, we’ve taken the right-wing bait. Safe sex is cheesy. Safe sex is uncool. You know what’s cool? Treating herpes outbreaks (if you’ve got a fun case, sometimes you can get the warts burned or frozen off HOT!!), gonorrhea infections and a years of HIV and AIDS cocktail meds before it finally DOES kill you will be much much cooler than using a condom with that guy you just met.