BiscuitDoughJones’ earlier post about the Spice Girls made me think of other 90’s jams that I associated with safe sex back in the day. Let’s take it on back now….

Awww shiiiiiiiiit, you know you can’t kick it back to 90’s hip-hop and R&B without Ronnie, Ricky and Michael, better known as Bell Biv DeVoe. This trio from Boston had a blend of R&B and New Jack Swing that fo’ sho’ had me thinking about gettin’ bizzy (like a Dizzy Lizzy, yo) but I never forgot – the J, the I, the M, the M, the Y y’all.

Definitely one of my favorite hip-hop groups from the 90’s, Digital Underground had that funky, lyrical, out there sound that was a sortof throw back to George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelics. Shock-G and Money-B kept my ass shakin’ to The Humpty Dance before I ever knew how to wobbly wobbly-drop it like it’s hot. On the whole, I liked their ‘Sex Packets’ album better than it’s successor, ‘This Is An EP Release’ (which also featured rapper Tupac Shakur), although I did like the track ‘Kiss You Back’ from the following album, ‘Sons of The P’.

Anyway, the ‘Sex Packets’ song was actually about a fictional safe sex drug which “Packet Man” was pushing to Humpty Hump – but coming up everyone I knew thought that “sex packets” referred to condoms and it seemed to make sense since the slow bass beat of the song worked to loosen up many a bra strap (ahem). Regardless, when you’re at the age of constant hormonal overload and you have sex on the brain constantly, you should WANT your music to subtly remind you that being safe sexually is a part of being sexy.

And sometimes not so subtly, for at the end of the night when it’s time to get ur freak on you just had to listen to the words and you knew what was up:

Know what I mean? A’ight here’s the scene

You’re lyin’ on your back with your head on the edge of the bed

The booty’s two feet from your head

Should you

A, take the time to find a condom

B, you walk right over and you pound ’em

C, tell her that you want her love

Well the answer is D

D, all of the above