What is Girl Power? Is it insisting that potential lovers be down with your friends first? Is it always being there for your closest galpals? Is it a force derived from platform sneakers? Perhaps it’s not being afraid to let your man know what you want (what you really, really want). The true definition of “Girl Power”, as touted by Britain’s most cheesetastically awesome export, is something the world may never know. I like to think of “Girl Power” as embracing your femininity and your sexuality while still not being afraid to stand up for yourself and bust a few balls if it’s what you gotta do. If, like the Spice Girls, you can garner a ‘uge payday and armloads of awards in the process, all the better.

Ginger, Baby, Scary, Posh and Sporty also seemed to have no problem asserting their girl powers in the bedroom as well as on the charts, as we’ll see after the jump.

Turn the lights down low, put on your favorite midriff-bearing top, and set your spirit free (it’s the only way to be)…

Awwww yeah! This was THE booty-gettin JAM of ’96. I was totally a virgin and had a complete aversion to pop music at the time (my school bag actually said “punx not ded” on it somewhere, if I remember correctly), but when this song came on, I totally swayed in my seat like a believer at a Christian rock concert. Guilty pleasure, shoot! I’m sure I fantasized about making some serious out with, like, Xander from Buffy or one of the bespectacled members of Weezer or something to this song. I wasn’t gettin’ NONE at the time, but it would’ve been hot to lock lips with this song as accompaniment.

Anyway, the safe sex message is plain as day:

“Be a little bit wiser, baby. Put it on. Put it on.

Cuz tonight

is the ni-iiight

when 2 become 1″

This is one of my favorite pro-condom lyrics EVER and here’s why: I had a friend once tell me, in reference to smoking, that the difference between smarts and wisdom is that “smarts” = knowing that cigarettes are bad for you, and “wisdom” = putting that knowledge into practice by not smoking (which I don’t do anyway). So, here, the Spicies don’t tell you to be “smart” and put on a condom, they know that you know you should anyway, so they tell you to be “wise” about it, which is infinitely more flattering. Word up, Spice Girls! Way to not insult your audience’s intelligence!

Get it on, get it on, in the comments. GIRL POWAH!