Syphilis & Gonorrhea were huge in the early 20th century, likely in part due to America’s fine young lads frequenting brothels and whatnot during their heroic tour of duty during the first world war. When it came time to fight the Axis powers, the WPA was determined to not repeat past mistakes, so they cranked the propaganda machine into high gear. Most of the posters were not unlike typical public health PSAs: “Get tested NOW!” “Syphilis cripples!” “Don’t put your family at risk!” But, there was also a pretty alarming trend toward the anti-sex, anti-woman messages:

I’m convinced shit like this is responsible for Bukowski. Well, that, and hard liquor.

There is something so… Koran about this. Like, this idea that women are the keepers of purity, but their nature is so corrupt to begin with that that purity is the only thing working in their favor. Without it, they’re less than human. Just a used bag of shit. But what about the men? Really, what is dude’s dick full of? Sunshine and rainbows? Malted milk?

Did someone order the Madonna/Whore?

Be afraid! A fast woman is a scary monster! A filthy, disease-ridden monster that exists to tempt the poor, helpless young men. Great idea, thanks book of Genesis!

But the WORST, by far, is this comic book detailing the plight of poor Johnny:

Johnny’s on a date with his girl, when he sees some chick he banged while his good girl was out of town. They have the above exchange.

Riiiight, Gloria was just an easy lay. Remember gals, boys NEVER care about the girl that gives it up too easily! But if you’re the “good girl”, you’ll get cheated on, because boys just can’t help themselves! If you have the audacity to go on a trip with your family and leave your poor puppy, I mean boyfriend, all alone, he’ll just HAVE to stick his peen in another girl.

Johnny goes to the doc, get diagnosed w/ Syphilis, and doc asks him to tell the story of how he fell to temptation.Note how Gloria is the instigator of the whole thing, and Johnny was helpless to go along with it all. Poor Johnny!

Yeah, you know how it goes! A “real ready” chick! How could he say no! He couldn’t have, because Johnny thinks with his prick!

“We never found the GIRL that gave that BOY VD” See, ladies, this whole comic is just a primer for you to accept that everything is always your fault, all of the time, forever. Men are never responsible for the spread of VD, even if it does take 2 to tango. And boys, you poor helpless dears, you just go on and blame her for every little sore on your wee wee. If she hadn’t been so easy, you wouldn’t be in this mess! Gee whiz, thanks, hateful sexist propaganda!