D-Day, it hath arrived. The Fah-vah-rah’s are back in Green Bay and Brett’s reinstatement was made official by the Commish yesterday (effective 12pm CST today). The Packers have their 24hrs to decide what to do with him, but already we know that Favre will be competing against Aaron Rodgers for the starting position – expect more on that later today. So, it’s not about money since the bribe “marketing offer” made by the Pack to Favre was increased from $20M to $25M but still, no dice. I tell you what, I (along with thousands of others) closely watched Rodgers during the Packers annual Family Night game last night, and it left me pretty meh. Call it nerves or jitters or what-have-you, but there were an awful lot of incompletions after connecting initially on a short slant to WR Donald Driver, and that end zone interception by the safety? I had flashes of the home opener with Madieu Williams coming away with the ball – booooooooo.

Semi-related: Jordy Nelson = hello.