With big thanks to Reader Minty for the tip, here are two rather delightful and touching French AIDS-Awareness spots created by director Wilfrid Brimo in 3D cell-shaded animation.  Each ad begins with childhood and budding awareness of sexuality, and follows our protagonists on their sexual journey, with fantastical shifts from scene to scene.  The first, from 2005, is “The Right One,” in which a girl romps through a series of exhilirating and disappointing encounters:

The second, “Boy Love” (2006) features a young gay boy and his trials and travails as he looks for love, again with a cheerful and uplifting soundtrack (“Sugar Baby Love” by the Rubettes).  The penis rollercoaster is incredibly charming.

Each spot ends with the message: “Vivez assez longtemps pour trouver le bon,” or, “Live long enough to find the right one.”