I am going to confess right here, right now … I don’t like Tori Spelling and her slimeball Canadian husband. “So NoTORIous” might be funny, but I cannot get past the fact that Spelling and her man are nasty. Firstly, he left his awesome, smart and beautiful wife, Mary Jo Eustace, for this toad just a couple of weeks after they adopted their second child — something that actually threw the adoption into jeopardy for a time. And yes, I said it, Tori Spelling looks like a toad. I feel justified in saying this because Spelling, not content to have participated in the breakup of someone’s marriage, then had the gall, less than a year later, to appear on stage at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto and publicly slag Eustace as being “too old” to naturally conceive more children. And some other vicious bullshit about “nasty” ex-wives. Because on Planet Spelling, apparently, the cuckolded wife isn’t allowed to be upset about her husband leaving her and their children for a rich, spoiled Hollywood princess.

Go take a look at this People magazine gallery. Oh. Dear. No amount of makeup or disguise can really do anything to help. Snark away, people, or tell me I’m an asshole. I can take it.

UPDATE: Here is a photo of the lovely Mary Jo: