Oy. The latest on the Brett Favre saga, and it ain’t pretty.

Yesterday’s scheduled press conference by coach Mike McCarthy was canceled after the QB meeting apparently went waaaay over the alloted time, so I was actually feeling a tiny bit enthused that the much rumored ‘open contest’ between Favre and Aaron Rodgers would take place this week, perhaps even today and something would actually start moving in this godawful stalemate. But no.

ESPN is reporting that Favre is unlikely to practice today pending a second meeting with McCarthy, and that Favre has quite a few things to say about the situation thus far. Some choice (Favre) comments:

We’re at a stalemate.

They want to know if I’m committed but I want to know if they’re 100 percent committed. The problem is that there’s been a lot of damage done and I can’t forget it. Stuff has been said, stories planted, that just aren’t true. Can I get over all that? I doubt it.

Then they tried to buy me off to stay retired.

So they can say they welcome me back but, come on, the way they’ve treated me tells you the truth. They don’t want me back, so let’s move on. I don’t know where it’s headed. We’ll see.

Not good, people. Not good at all.

UPDATE: McCarthy just gave a news conference and basically said ‘blahblahblah no good words’.  But the point he made abundantly clear was that he and the Packers do not intend to break from their stance of having Rodgers as the starting QB.  WHAT THA FUCK?

Mike.  One question: W-H-Y wouldn’t you give your team their absolute, undecided, unquestioned, undeniable BEST chance at a winning season?!

And now fucking Tampa Bay is back on the fucking table??  Gah, I can’t talk about this right now, sorry y’all.