In this digital age, fashion trends flare up, spread like wildfire into pop over-saturation, and then burn out all in a matter of months. It can’t be easy for fashion designers to keep ahead of the curve. However, there really is no excuse for Urban Outfitters to keep pushing the same stale silhouettes we’ve been seeing since 3 Falls ago. You’d think their boutique lines like Play by C. Ronson and Rendez-Vous by Paul and Joe Sister” would offer up something new, but really it’s just more of the same. So familiar, in fact, that when I looked at the new C. Ronson collection I just knew I’d seen it all somewhere before. But no! It can’t be! Charlotte Ronson is supposed to be a serious designer! So, why is she digging around in Beth Orton’s wardrobe from 1996-2002?

More proof of fashion-poaching from the electro-folk chanteuse after the jump.

This outfit has that 70’s holdover, floppy, trashy, trailer-lounging-in-washed-out-denim look that Beth Orton donned in her breakout video from 1996’s Trailer Park, “She Cries Your Name”. It’s so eerily similar, I bet if we got a full-body pic of the C Ronson outfit, we’d see it styled with low-top Chucks. – this is an embed-disabled video, but def go look at it.

Here we have a very drab, British schoolgirl look. Which is fine, were it not so boxy and unfeminine. This quirky schoolgirl look is echoed in tone by the outfit Orton wore in her video for “Stolen Car” from her 1999 release Central Reservation. Bit of a stretch? Maybe.

OK, so these outfits aren’t that similar. Except if you consider the slouchy, ill-fitting, anti-boobie-support halter silhouette and that the ability to pull of either of these looks rests in possibly, maybe having a serious aversion to food. This viddy is from Orton’s 2002 album Daybreaker. On the cover of which? Yeah. She’s still chilling in a trailer.

Now this, THIS is not a stretch. Not one damn-ass little bit. This outfit is a straight-up replica of what our little songbird wore in her 2005 Comfort of Strangers single “Conceived”. OK, OK, so the look is not terribly old if it’s from 2005. However, if you’re a designer, it’s your job to give us something new, not something Beth Orton bought at Zara a few years ago.

For those of you who’ve been doubting me this whole time, this dress is my trump card. Absolute, irrefutable proof that C. Ron has been rummaging through B. Ort’s laundry. And you know, it’s kind of OK. I remember when the viddy for the title track of Central Reservation came out, and I soooooo wanted “last night’s red dress”. Except that I don’t wear red. So thanks, Play by C Ronson for making something cute that I’ve wanted to own for 9 years. Back-handed complement? I think so! But, I’m sure Ronson won’t mind, so long as I buy this dress.

For those of you who hate folk music and dollar-a-pound-looking clothes that actually cost as much as a car note, I’m sorry for subjecting you to this. Or if this time is fine just as it is, let me know in the comments!