I love pictures of naked athletes. To see the human physique as a perfect symmetry of muscle and flesh and power, a model of performance and efficiency is awe-inspiring. Three British Olympians have posed nude for a series of ads for Powerade, and the results are as magnificent as you’d hope. Above is British swimmer Gregor Tait. After the jump, triple-jumper Phillips Idowu and cyclist Rebecca Romero show what their mamas gave them and years of hard work have honed.

I’ve never been a fan of wispy, limp, vacant-looking models and overly stylized ad campaigns. I appreciate both the photography and the raw beauty of these images, as the subjects are in action and supremely focused on the tightness of their movement. They’re caught in a moment of exercising their craft, pristine and concentrated.

Kudos, Powerade, and photographer Nadav Kander. I’m so excited for the summer Olympics!