Well, it’s actually true. The Church of George W. Bush is actually going ahead with its plans that effectively equate abortion with birth control. Wow. What has McCain had to say about this, by the way? Sweet dick all? What a surprise.

This frightening reality, however, has resulted in yet another silencing of our dear Panda, also known as Biscuitdoughjones. For those of you following closely, Panda apparently works in a time machine that has travelled back to East Germany circa 1955. Pretty much every website known to man has been banned by her IT department, including the Planned Parenthood website due to the fact it promotes “sex education.” Panda learned this today while trying to add her name to an online petition to protest Bush’s plans.

Needless to say, this has spurred an apoplectic rant of memorable vim and vigour by our dear imprisoned Panda:

“SEX EDUCATION IS FORBIDDEN AT MY WORK. THIS IS THE FUCKING BULLSHITTINGEST CRAP I HAVE EVER HEARD. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that I could access PP’s website at all. I guess the IT troll is trying to pay me back for all the research I did for safe sex week last week- while she was on vacation, sunning her FUPA at Gulf Shores or the Redneck Riviera or some shit, otherwise, I’d probably not have gotten to finish out the week. She also blocked the lady who works right next to me from accessing her Pampered Chef website – that she needs to access in order to do her second job. The job that she needs to make ends meet. The other woman in my cube block has been barred from paying her bills online. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Because IT bitch has no power except to bar people from their lives, even though we’re all stuck here 10 hours a day, during normal business hours, so we literally can’t do our bills or run errands unless we take time off work. Just to go to the bank or pay an electric bill requires taking LEAVE. Because of her. Stupid cunty fucking troll.”