Heya Sports Fans,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this today and please forgive me if this post, well, sucks because I didn’t get the best sleep last night. The trade is official, Brett Favre is no longer a Packer and is in fact a New York Jet. Even though I have been acutely aware of the turmoil that was/is the relationship between Favre and Packers GM Ted Thompson for some time now, there was a part of me that honestly believed that the storied tradition of The Gunslinger leading his team down the tunnel and out onto that sweet smelling Lambeau grass on a crisp Sunday afternoon would always take place as long as his legs could carry him. I’ve always said, if you’re a football fan and you’ve never been to a game at Lambeau Field, go. I’ve been to many games in many stadiums but there is nothing like a game at Lambeau, it’s intimate and immensely thrilling at the same time.

But what will those games be like, sitting there tucked in against your fellow Cheeseheads, feeling the warmth of the sun and the bite of the wind, as you look over to the visiting team’s sideline to see the man who commanded the hometown team for 16 years taking the field with the opposition? Disconcerting that’s what.

How can I be expected to cheer when A.J. Hawk completes a tackle against a handoff that Brett Favre just made? Am I supposed to scream or stay silent when Brady Poppinga sacks #4 – QB for the Jets? Will Nick Barnett NOT go headhunting when Favre is on the other side of the ball? I just don’t know.

Moving on from my own pity party though, let’s look at what Favre is now facing. The Jets had an abysmal season last year (4-12) and based on their moves since then appear to want a shot at the trophy in a pretty big way. I guess sharing space in a hostile and fickle fan market (more on that later) with the defending Super Bowl champ New York Giants will do that to you. With the boost of Favre to their roster the Jets are now being seen by some as contenders for the postseason, and indeed, the additions to their O line look promising when you line it all up with a veteran playcaller like Favre at the helm. But the Jets are still weak at the receiver slot and the defense could go either way. I’m not as concerned about Favre not getting up to speed with a new playbook in time for the season opener, as I am interested to see how it works out between 37 yr old Jets head coach Eric ‘The Boy Wonder’ Mangini and his new 38 yr old QB.

As for the fan base, well, New York is a tough market. Green Bay fans may not be ‘media savvy’ but they are ardent supporters of their team and players. To be a Brett Favre fan means you understand his playing style and you know that when faced with an odds-stacked-against-you situation, Favre will launch that ball 80yds downfield if he feels there’s a chance to make the play. And in that moment, when the ball is sailing through the air and receivers are madly dashing to get under it, jostling around their coverage and waiting for just the right moment to juke right and break from that defender, you hold your breath and your stomach sortof waits in this suspended free fall until the ball is caught. Sometimes it’s the offense that comes up with it, sometimes it’s the defense, but either way it’s a classic Brett Favre move and one that has contributed to his stack of NFL records over an astounding career. It takes a true Favre fan NOT to boo when those passes become picks, hey, these days even Green Bay is not exactly replete with such fans. My point is, I don’t believe that Jet fans are ready to commit (jaysus am I tired of that word) their faith to Brett Favre when he takes the field for that first home game against the Patriots. But please, Jet fans, I implore you – prove me wrong.