Love this item on the website of Lainey, the Canadian gossip columnist with very deep sources who makes Perez Hilton look like the dumb, unconnected fool that he is.

To sum up, Sienna Miller is freaking out, fearful that her extramarital romance with Balthazar Getty is going to spell the end of her career. She is already getting blacklisted, apparently, due to Getty’s wife’s lofty social connections in Hollywood.

I find it laughable that a woman who was sleeping with Jude Law while he was married with children is now claiming she’d never do such a thing — that she thought Balthazar and his wife were already split up when she started banging him. This is despite the fact that Getty’s wife has said publicly that she and her husband were very much married, in every sense of the word, thank you very much. Hmmmmm. Who do you believe? A woman with a history of sleeping with other women’s husbands (she apparently also slept with Diddy, prompting Kim Porter to bail?) Or the established and respected mother of Getty’s three four kids? (ED: Thanks Sarrible. The fourth still an infant? Classy on all counts).

I have never liked Sienna Miller for reasons I couldn’t quite articulate. Now I loathe her for all the same reasons Hollywood power brokers apparently do. And as I said yesterday: every homewrecker gets her karmagram eventually. No wife who’s been raising kids and organizing the household can compete against someone new and fresh. But let every homewrecker remember: one day, you’ll be the one who’s been around for years. Enjoy that sick, uneasy feeling when your husband is suddenly paying attention to his own version of Sienna Miller.