You know, it’s hard out here for a blogger when all the major blogs and snarkyworthy news sources have been blocked from your computer. But, at the same time, I’m kind of enjoying the road-less-traveled sites I’ve found in my ennui-laden downtime. Compared to the structured and ad-revenue-dependant blogs, these newer ones I’ve been visiting are kind of free-form and surreal. It’s like I’ve fallen down some kind of internet rabbit hole. Only that unlike Alice, I’m not helplessly swept up in the entropy of the world beyond the rabbit hole, skipping from hookah smoking caterpillar to mad hatter’s tea party to OFF WITH HER HEAD in a breezy succession. Nope, I have to work really hard to find entertaining, off-the-grid blogs. because guess what? WordPress and Blogspot have been banned, too. So little diamonds-in-the-rough are harder to find. And find them I do! After the jump, we’ll let Magic Molly lead us through the looking glass.

I found Molly Young’s blog via that Urlesque list of “20 Bloggers We’d Like to See in Bikinis”, which normally I’d find pretty offensive, but it was really tastefully done and most of the gals on the list are as intellectually drool-worthy as they are cute. Anyway, I really like Magic Molly because it’s totally low-tech with lovely photographs, fun collage images and short entries which read like some creative person’s journal. I admit, this aesthetic is not for everyone, and at times such things can seem too navel-gazey or esoteric, but fuck it- I went to art school. I should get a pass to enjoy such things. Besides, girl can tell a story.

ANYWAY, The point of this post is baited comments, so here goes: This entry got my comment-whoring engine running. You can go read the whole thing, but the basic bit is:

“Why am I unphotogenic? I asked. I mean. I am
not a ghastly person, and yet —

I know what you mean, he said. Then I think
he peered at me intently through his
sunglasses but it was impossible to tell.

You have a moon-face, he said finally,
puffing his cheeks up like a bullfrog. It’s
a youthful look but it doesn’t work on film.”

Y’all? I resemble that. Sometimes I hate pictures of myself because of my big, giant face. Most people call it “moon-face”, Mr. Panda calls it “chewy cheeks”, I call it “the Christina Ricci Effect”- the effect of being small, but having a face like a drive-in projector screen, and my friend Rachel calls it “TV head” because all the actors and people on TV usually have overlarge heads with big faces or big facial features. Which, I guess, works on large formats like 16mm or even DV film cameras, but it does not work in regular photographs. It’s like the camera adds 10 lbs- to the area between my neck and the crown of my head. What don’t you like about pictures of yourself?

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