Greetings from the void! There is a lot going on in Buttercup World. Sinister Rouge is trotting her fine ass off to law school, our dear Maple-Leafer Trixie is in the process of moving Stateside, Tailfeather is about to go chase some tail in Spain for a week, and *I* have been busting my ass to put together the fanciest Panda wedding the South has ever seen. But none of this hustle-bustle can compare to the annual celebration of the birth of our (Thandie) Kadinsky(-Papier), BCP patron saint of Herb.

(Mo’ birfday wishes and a crafty way to honor Kadinsky after the jump!

This song totally makes me thing of our girl K, because she’s all about chillin in the sun with some good cheebs. Enjoy!

Here’s how you can get your Buttercup on at home:

Once you’ve done your drawing, say the magic words (“Messin’ with my money is like messin’ with my emotions!”), light a candle, and put the drawing under your pillow. When you wake, you find a pair of huge, glorious breasts have sprouted from your chest. You’re welcome.

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