Today, while wandering around downtown Denver, I stumbled upon a raucous group of Hillary Clinton supporters who were soon brawling with Barack Obama supporters. Actually, not Obama supporters — some of them HAD been Clinton supporters but have accepted that she lost and are now backing Obama in the hopes of putting a Democrat in the White House.

Most of the women I talked to in this protest group told me something that stunned me almost into speechlessness: They intended to vote for McCain rather than Obama. But he’s anti-choice, I pointed out. He looks like he’s angling to start another war, this time in Iran, I added. He’s everything Hillary Clinton isn’t, I said. Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for Obama, I added. They could not be swayed — Obama, and his alleged thievery of Clinton’s rightful nomination, was, in their minds, a greater evil than the Republicans.

I must confess this flummoxes me. How can this be? If you hate Obama that much, don’t vote at all. But vote for McCain? Huh? What am I missing? How have people lost the big picture — the Republicans are the enemy here, not other Democrats.


p.s. SinRoo — be gentle with me.

p.p.s. It wasn’t all bad — an extremely hot man in an Armani suit who looked like Tyson soon started heckling them with “You lost, get over it! You lost, get over it!” and it was schwing-worthy.