Hey y’all. Myrtlebeachbum here, reporting live from my isolationist bubble deep in the heart of South Carolina, whiskey in hand and kids banished to bed, tears streaming down my face only maybe a little bit. Shooting off at the mouth has apparently gotten me everywhere today because Kadinsky says it’s my turn to put it all out there for BCP readers. I get to have my say on HRC’s speech, yee haw and praise Jaysus. Here goes:
Tonight was Ladies’ Night at the Democratic Convention. What better way to celebrate the 88th anniversary of the nineteenth amendment than by setting aside one night for chicks? And what better chick to cap off that night than Hillary Rodham Clinton?

What an unenviable task she had before her tonight. She had to appease her fervent supporters. She had to convince some of them to pledge their allegiance to her bitter rival without backtracking on the charges she levied against him during the campaign and without appearing insincere to his backers. She had to pay homage to a party that turned its back on her and her husband, both of whom have been tireless workhorses for Democrats. She had to do it with the mainstream media watching, chomping at the bit for her to give them the slightest hint of conflict so they would have something to report about a convention that’s become a scripted, overblown commercial devoid of debate or real news. And of course, being a woman, she had to do it without appearing bitchy or emotional or soft or frigid or bitter or frumpy or old or, well, human. I wouldn’t have tried to pull it off for all the Maker’s Mark in Kentucky, but my girl HRC is a bigger, smarter, more gracious, and better person than I, and she made me fall in love with her all over again tonight by doing the impossible.

She acknowledged her supporters, she connected her message with Obama’s, she reached out to people outside the party, she batted away McCain’s courtship, she reminded everyone of Bill Clinton’s excellent work as president and his continued importance, she passed the torch (temporarily at least) to the Obamas and the Bidens, and she preserved her options for the rest of her political career. She did what she came to the convention to do, and she did it with humor, style (orange suit notwithstanding), sincerity, and eloquence. She did a thousand things at once, she did them well, and she did them in spite of people’s low expectations for her. That’s the way amazing women get things done every day, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the first woman to make me believe I’d see a female president in my lifetime.

*Contributed by Myrtlebeachbum*