So BAngieB is coming to my house in Silver Spring, MD, for a sleepover in a couple of weeks. I offered to make my beloved spaghetti and meatballs, based on a recipe an old Sicilian grandmother gave me. Angie replied that she didn’t like spaghetti.


Our exchange:

Today at 12:22pm
how about roast beef?
Today at 12:26pm
Works for me, as long as it isn’t rare – I’m not currently being veggie, but I am weird about red meat.

Will there be mashed potatoes? Do you hosers know how to make those?

Today at 12:28pm
Oh for fuck’s sake. Yes we make mashed potatoes, you Canadian-ist! And gravy!
How about a roast chicken??


Today at 12:33pm
Roast chicken…SOLD.

Green beans?

Today at 12:40pm
roast chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, perhaps a pie. how’s that?
Today at 12:41pm
Yummy. I would ask for apple pie, but that would be WRONGFUL as you are a foreigner.

Chocolate pie?

Today at 12:43pm
Canada gave the world the McIntosh apple, the best pie apple on the planet, so piss off. Apple pie is very big north of the border.


Today at 12:47pm
Okay, then. Apple pie! I love apple pie.
Today at 12:57
I hope it’s as good made with your shit-ass American apples.