9:28: WHAT THE FUCK???

Were those McCain groupies flinging themselves at him like he’s Tom Jones??

9:35PM: blah, blah, I fight for you and him and them, blah blah, we fucked up, blah blah, we should have done this.  Yes, talking about the PAST is so effective.

Oh christ, the fucking “Mayflower”.

9:41PM: Devry.  Devry Technical College is the answer.

9:44PM: Schools that contain no sex education.

9:46PM: Ha!  That look on his face when he said, “electric automobiles” – bet you never thought you’d see the day ‘eh, Methuselah?

9:55PM: OH MY GOD, STOP WITH THE WAR TALK.  What is the point of this?  How will this help me pay for gas or protect my reproductive rights?  Hmm??

10:03PM: Oh, oh.  I think he’s having a POW flashback.  Get the smelling salts and a mop.

10:06PM: Ugh, there she is – Palin.  You know she’s just waiting to take his dusty ass out.

10:11PM: His neck skin always looks so painful to me.

Wow!  That speech was fucking stupid.