So, here is the situation:  I got a call yesterday that two Yorkie pups need an emergency placement or they will be euthanized on Friday.  It seems that their owner (a/k/a evilcuntbitchwhore) couldn’t sell them and doesn’t want them.  The girls have lived their entire 18 months on this Earth in a crate.  They aren’t socialized.  They haven’t been to the vet for their shots and neither has been spayed.

Of course I said yes.  Even though I have four pups (little David Johnson is pictured above).  Even though I’m moving to NYC in two weeks (more on that another day).  I had to act quickly, so between 7:00 p.m last night and noon today I accomplished the following:

1.  Called my ex, who is my good friend now (as our romance was not meant to be) and convinced her to meet the woman who has saved these pups from their death sentence, and to purchase the girls some little beds and food and treats.

2.  Told this very nice man at my office about them and he offered me a $500 donation towards their vetting.

3.  Contacted the fetching Identicle twins who might very well adopt these twin pups.

My mojo is working today!

Now for the dilemma:  What to name these beautiful girls?  My first thought, of course, was to name one Lindsay after my pretty, pretty girl. What to name the other one?  Samantha, of course.  But, as MsDirector (my Pocket Jew) pointed out, the pups are sissies, so that wouldn’t work.  Then the lovely AYL pointed out that Samantha does, indeed, have a twin sister: Charlotte.  So that was a thought. But the ever-sharp SigourneyFever suggested “Annie and Hallie” the name of the twins from Lindsay’s version of “The Parent Trap”. I like it!

My pretty, pretty girl

But, y’all, I need more suggestions.  What to name these twin pups?  Please give me suggestions and make your case below.

Now, I have to go get some pups!  Talk amongst yourselves, I’ll give you a topic: Should this evil owner (1) die in a fire as suggested by SBJ, or (2) be tossed off the mountain by Kadinsky?  Discuss.

Here are the girls!:

*Contributed by BAngieB*