11:30 p.m. — Tina Fey’s got the voice down pat! “And I can see Russia from my house!”

11:31 — Lipstick! Lipstick! Lipstick! Love the bit about how Palin keeps getting “hot and sexy,” while Hillary got “harpy” and “shrill.” So true.

11:33 — Hillary is great. “I probably should have wanted it more!!” Insane laughter.

11:34 — OK, now that I have a moment here may I just rant about how, if Hillary had been 20 years younger and hot, men would have voted with their dicks just as women are getting accused of voting with their vaginas!! It’s OK to be a female politician, but only if men want to fuck you!! JESUS!!

11:36 — I wish Michael Phelps was cute. That is all. And I realize how hypocritical that comment is given what I just wrote at 11:34.

11:39 — Why is William Shatner here? And does the man not look pumped full of vodka? As though, if pricked with a needle, violent gushes of vodka would come spewing out?

11:43 — A new twist on the old Family Feud game show skit, with a smart family up against a fundamentalist Christian, creationist family of freaks. But not that funny.

11:49 — Michael Phelps is a bit painful to watch.  Cannot really deliver his lines. And this skit sucks ass. More politics, dumbasses! You had all summer!!

11:56 — Another not very funny skit. Oh dear. Nice body on that Phelps boy, though.

12:07 — It would be wrong of me to weigh in on L’il Wayne. I am not a fan just because I prefer more melodic (ED: Translation: whitey) hip hop.

12:12 — Weekend Update at last! Nice zinger from Amy about Palin’s expenses abuses. “What a maverick!”

12:13 — Oh oh. It’s the hipsters against the rednecks with Alaska Pete. Again, this could be so much funnier. Sharper. More subtle. Oh wait … that’s The Daily Show.

12:17 — The outraged hipster who can’t finish a sentence is fairly amusing.

12:21 —  Oh dear. I wanted tonight to be so much funnier. So much more political. I get the feeling they are now pandering to high school kids more than adults. Remember the glory days? When every skit was very sharp, subversive and funny? Those days are long past. But, you know, it’s not like they lacked material all summer. Every skit should have been a home run. Yawning. Getting sleepy. Might have to pull the plug on this bold experiment in SNL LiveBlogging.

12:27 — Eyelids getting heavy. Heavy….. so heavy. Charles Barkley Show …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …zzzzzzzzzzzzz

12:34 — Why was there no riffing on Palin’s stupid baby names? On John McCain — who is their McCain imitator? What about Barack?? Biden? Cindy McCain — come on! Amy could have done a killer Cindy McCain. So disappointed.

12:38 — This weird Phelps music video that is flying way over my head is my cue to say goodnight!