Sometimes in the world of blogging you can come up against a few crackpots. And here at ButtercupPunch we’ve had our share. But none quite compare to the shit-bomb of deranged abuse that was left recently on our Trixie’s profile page at the blog we best not mention since apparently there are some editors there who are scary.

Someone who shall remain nameless, but went by the handle of, shall we say, Whorebot, recently became engaged to be married after an apparently short courtship despite revelling, proudly, in her promiscuity and independence (and good on her, we always said — there is no shame in being a slut — just ask Tailfeather) for quite some time. The company she works for made mention of her engagement on another blog, and our Trixie made a semi-snarky comment about the dangers of getting hitched while feeling wounded, under siege and in need of protection. (Dear Trix spoke from experience on this front).

Trixie’s comment:

Marriages undertaken suddenly and when one partner feels under siege and in need of love, protection and support always work out so well, I’ve always found. Not!

Whorebot sent a seething private message to Trixie. Trixie, having heard before from Whorebot in another angry private message after her “Feminism, Some People Are Doing it Wrong” post here on BCP, told Whorebot to piss off (nicely) and oh, by the way, if she didn’t expect people who read her blog to comment on developments in her personal life, she should maybe stop blogging about them.

And this is what Trixie got back:

Sep 10, 2008

bitch, fuck you. why don’t you worry about drying out so you can raise your 18-year-old daughter and stop worrying about how a stranger on the internet might be a bad role model for her. you might think i’m a bad feminist, but from what i can tell, you are a bad person. you are mean and bitter.

Oh. Dear. What is odd about this is:

A. Trixie barely drinks, weed is her poison.

B. She has never been in the camp of those who railed against Whorebot for being a role model and corrupting young readers.

C. It was Trixie, in fact, who long ago pleaded publicly for a Whorebot advice column

D. How unfortunate and inaccurate re: Trixie’s mothering skills. All of us here at BCP know Trixie, and some of us have met her children, and we can report that Trixie is a wonderful and responsible mother.

Goodness, what to make of it?