Let me see — between me and my two children, we’ve gone through a total of seven iPods. That’s right, seven. I had a first-generation iPod; it started going wonky at a year old. I moved onto a Mini — so pretty, my favourite model of all, but it died about two years later. Then I moved onto a Nano — it is now almost dead, capable of playing only when it’s charging. Otherwise, it lasts for about five songs. My daughter has gone through two — a Mini and a Nano, and is now without one, but her birthday’s coming. My son is on his second Nano which died just this week. Just up and died. Will not charge, cannot be turned on, cannot be reset.

Is anyone else pissed off by this? What is Apple, the new Ford? Are they designing lemons on purpose knowing you’ll have to replace them? Are they so smug about the fact that they have a must-have product that they simply don’t care how often their product craps out?

I have been through it all — I have gone and bought a new battery and replaced it. I have downloaded every trouble-shooting manual there is. I have sent one back to Apple for repair, only to have it bust again a few weeks later. They have sent new iPods — they too break down within a year. I have gone to independent repair places who either cannot fix it, or fix it temporarily only to have it die, yet again, a few weeks later. In short, I have come to the conclusion that Apple WANTS them to break down, and designs them to break down, so that all of us lemmings have to buy the new generation and pad the company’s pockets. It pisses me off.

We’d love to hear your iPod stories, advice or suggestions here at BCP. Fire away!

p.s. Life can be miserable without music. Oh how I miss listening to the Pharcyde on the subway.