One of my favorite things about heading into the Fall/Winter seasons are the Winter X Games.  More specifically, the snowboarding events.  Snowboarding is yooge in my house, Mr.K is a double black pipe ripper himself, and one of the first trips we ever took together when we were dating was an awesome week at Steamboat Springs in CO.

There are quite a few riders that I like to follow, Mason Aguirre, Torah Bright, the youngster Jamie Anderson and of course ‘The Flying Tomato’ to name just a few, but one of my favorite boarders is Hana Beaman.  Hana is a solid rider who rips it every time and her laid back, friendly attitude makes it all the more enjoyable to watch her grab big air the way that she does.

Check out Hana’s Firsthand viddy from last year, it’s a bit long but it’s Friday and you know you ain’t workin’ all that hard.

Here’s a couple of shorter vids: