Nowadays, the question Are you in or are you out? makes people think of a certain German model and her sexy legs, aspiring clothing designers and the beloved (and gay!) Tim Gunn. For BCP’s resident lesbians, though, it’s still relevant in the old-fashioned, Are you openly gay or not? way. The lesbian community hotly debates the out status of many celebrities, how being out or denying one’s sexuality impacts the public’s exposure to and view of gay people, and what exactly constitutes being out (some consider it as fluid as sexuality).

Since it’s Friday and girls just wanna have fun, we’re going to keep it light and salacious for you, dear readers. In this week’s Sugar Walls, we give you the scoop on our Top 5 In & Out Lesbian Celebs!

Get the downlow from the dykes who dish it because they can take it, after the jump:

**Out & Proud**

Leisha Hailey – aka Alice Pieszecki on The L-Word (also the perky woman on the mildly annoying Yoplait commercials). But she’s more than your typical over-achiever, she is funny, she played soccer, she’s an actress, a singer and guitarist, AND she dated K.D. Lang! A lesbo-jack-of-all-trades. (~M)

Meshell Ndegeocello – She’s a soul/jazz/r&b/funk/reggae powerhouse, with nine albums and nine grammy nominations over her 15-year career. A monster bass player, she’s widely respected across musical genres and has collaborated with countless artists (she arguably could be credited with John Mellencamp’s single most redeeming moment when he called on her bass and vocal skills for the duet cover “Wild Night” in 1994). While sometimes catching heat from both queer and straight communities for not fitting neatly into

any categories, she’s out and proud, and recently split from her long-term partner, Rebecca Walker, daughter of also-out living legend, Alice Walker. Her music can be fiercely political (check out “Hot Night” featuring Talib Kweli off Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape – do it now) as well as deeply focused on love and spirituality. She’s also never shied away from her queer-ness in her music, penning lyrics like “She couldn’t love me without shame / She only wanted me for one thing / But you can teach your boy to do that” – what’s not to love? (~BCW)

Ellen Page – My gaydar went off on the first Juno clip, much less the myriad of interviews that preceded and followed the movie’s surprising success. She’s got some serious tomboy appeal (and that jaunty walk that I can pick out from a mile away). So when her skit came up on SNL, I was sold. A quick search shows me that some sources think she was REFUTING rumors that she’s a gay lady – I think the real message was that it just doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter if she wants to hug other women with her legs in friendship…or otherwise. So, check out the clip and form your own opinion. But before reaching a verdict on her sexuality, keep in mind that I know someone who went to high school with her, and she has sex with women. Making this hilarious (and adorable) clip a brave and sincere response to media rumors that most young actresses dodge for fear of being type cast. (~Inchworm)

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Ellen & Portia – What more is there to say, really, about this fantastically talented, recently (and very publicly) married duo? Ellen has been a champion for queer people throughout her career, and continues to be one of the most (if not the most) visible and influential gay celebrities out there. And doesn’t she look like such an OG, proudly striding down the red carpet with Portia on her arm? Portia is hilarious and talented in her own right, and personally I wish I could be a fly on the wall around the dinner table in that house – it must be laugh-a-minute. These two are happy, madly in love, and proudly declaring it for the world to see. Shine on, you crazy diamonds! (~BCW)

Sam Ronson – This 30-year-old British singer/songwriter and notorious out lesbian DJ, girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan, needs no introduction. She seems to have worked with almost everyone – she has a song on the Mean Girls soundtrack, was co-owner of a NYC club with “Mr. Big” and other celebs and currently DJs for some of LA’s hottest stars and parties. She’s sister to both Mark and Charlotte Ronson and daughter of a wealthy socialite and stepfather Mick Jones. (~SBJ)

**Cozy In The Closet**

Dolly Parton – Don’t let her 40DD boobs fool you, no one can love rainbows that much and not be gay! There have been rumors for years about Dolly and Judy Ogle (long-time friend and assistant). Well, even if she’s not a lesbian, she is so fabulous that the gay community would like her to be an honorary-gay. I mean, don’t all straight women fantasize about sex with other women while having sex with their husbands? No? Must be just Dolly and Craigslist ads then. (~M)

Dolly quote: “When I have sex with my husband these days, I fantasize I am with someone like Keith Urban or a petite, hot young woman.”

Jodie Foster – I can’t tell you when it became somewhat common knowledge that Jodie was gay — probably when she and Cydney had their first child, and I remember the topic reemerging when Martina Navratilova outed her in an interview with Connie Chung in 2002. Believe it or not, JoFo is a RAGING topic of debate among many lesbians. Things are a bit better for us these days, but there was a time not so long ago when there were zero out women in mainstream media (see: Ellengate, pre-reemergence). Jodie’s silence about the increasingly obvious fact that she is really, really gay left many lesbians angry. The argument was, and is, that a famous lesbian coming out could really help mediate homophobia. Exposure is half the battle.

I see it this way, though. Jodie grew up in the spotlight, and I would never begrudge her the right to privacy for her partner and their children. If she had come out in the beginning, the criticism WOULD have been immense (she was sleeping with her female costar in Hotel New Hampshire, Nastassja Kinski, while she was an undergrad at Yale in 1984. Also, how HOT are the two of them together?Yes, it would have helped, probably, in some ways. Ellen a decade earlier and all that. But this isn’t a situation in which a closeted athlete makes homophobic remarks and propagates the hate; she doesn’t make LGBT movies or court gay attention (although she doesn’t avoid these roles either — she and Nastassja had an on screen relationship in Hotel New Hampshire). In fact, she mostly makes shitty action movies these days (I still love her, though). She did what she needed to do for herself and her family. (~Inchworm)
Kate Moennig – Okay, honestly? You could see it from space. Kate Moennig, portrayer of “Shane” on The L Word and the possible single largest cause of sudden crises of sexuality in straight girls everywhere, barely qualifies as “in the closet,” as far as I’m concerned. Her acting doesn’t seem to stray too far out of “playing herself” territory, at least in my eyes, and it seems that by all accounts other than the official record (whatever that is) she’s out in her private life. When The L Word first hit TV screens, the official word was that Leisha Hailey was the only “out” cast member in the show, but Jennifer Beals recently slipped up in an interview, stating that Kate is among the cast members she goes to when seeking advice on playing a lesbian character accurately. Who knows what her reasons are, but as one of the biggest dykons on the screen, big or small, right now, it doesn’t seem like she’d run much of a risk of alienating her core fan base. (~BCW)

Queen Latifah – Gay rumors have followed this rapper/actress throughout her career, and they remain only rumors. She’s been reported to have been in a relationship with WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes, and is also suspected of having been in a three-year relationship with her long-time trainer and friend, Jeanette Jenkins. She can also rock an AK47 by day and a red carpet ballgown by night, so really what that says is that there’s no fucking with her. Whether the rumors are true or not, Queen La, we’re happy that you’re out there doing what you do. (~BCW)

Michelle Rodriguez – Back when I was just a wee, gangly lesbian I had the biggest crush on Michelle Rodriguez. It started, of course, with the awesome train wreck that is Blue Crush. She’s just such a hot, testy Texan mess, though, and not in an appealing or particularly intelligent way. That doesn’t change the fact that she gives off some major lesbian tough girl vibes, especially when you look at her lengthy rap sheet and the films she’s done – Resident Evil, Girlfight, Fast & the Furious, SWAT and her bitchy role on Lost. While she’s admitted to experimenting with both sexes, she is adamant about not being gay. Whatever you say, kitten! Her newest project, however, looks kind of interesting! (~SBJ)

*Contributed by SkinnyBoneJones, the dashing M, Inchworm & BritneyCanadaWhore*