Well hello again.

Here are my thoughts this week:

1. Amoureuse is very, very beautiful.

2. Your Chex mix ROCKS down here. My son and I have noticed that even foods of the same brand are subtly different here than in Canada; it must be because they have processing plants in some of the countries in which they have a big market. So Frosted Mini-Wheats? Wayyy better down here. The coating is thicker and almost crunchy. Not so in Canada. And Chex? AWESOME! With many more of those little pumpernickel rounds than in the Canadian version. However, my son says the Aunt Jemima syrup is better in Canada, as are  Honeynut Cheerios.

3. I grew up in the Raccoon Capital of North America — Toronto, Canada, where the disarmingly intelligent creatures roam the streets in gangs and often figure out how to brazenly slide open your sliding glass doors while you’re standing there watching them. They are such a fact of life in Toronto, in fact, that their absence is conspicuous here. If I hear something outside at dusk, I absentmindedly look out to expect to see a raccoon using her little people hands to try to get into my garden shed with her cute little babies in tow. It’s pretty stunning when you notice that, in fact, it’s a deer nibbling on the grass. I won’t say I miss them — it really is sweet being able to put your garbage out the night before without having to deal with the massive and profanity-laced cleanup the next morning — but it is weird not having them around.

4. Things Canadians assume are cheaper in the U.S. but are not: Groceries. Cell phones. Wireless, phone and cable packages. Nope. I’ve shopped around, the prices are comparable. And Verizon and Comcast will also take as long as two weeks to get you set up, whereas Canadian companies usually show up a lot faster. Clothes, however, are far cheaper. There is a place in the bottom of my building that sells designer clothes at ridiculously low prices. It makes me very happy.

5. There are a lot of fine-looking men in downtown DC. See that hot father in the Obama photo? That hottie is on every street corner, beautifully dressed and hot as hell. I joined a gym today and it was filled with handsome men. Oh yes. Groove coming back.