Issue:  Obama, McCain, Washington

**They Should Go Because:**

It’s their job, they are senators and they’re supposed to be up there on the Hill representing the people in their law making capacities, looking out for our interests and finding ways to better society.  (I know, just go with it).  And if they are going to stand there on their stumps and proclaim all this ‘change’ and ‘maverick’ behavior, (which takes the support and participation of ALL the people on the Hill) then they damn sure better show the people Exactly what we’re getting for our money, vote.  No… money. So, yes, they should beat feet back to D.C. and get in there, sleeves rolled up alongside their brethren and get this financial fubar turned around.

**They Should Stay Because:**

What the hell are either of them gonna do anyway?!  This meltdown didn’t spring up overnight, it’s been brewing and fermenting for a loooooooong time.  Like an enormous volcanic blistering boil that came out of the ground and just squatted there, becoming a more and more wretchedly infectious  pandemic of economic ruin.  And they’ve all just been stepping around it, tossed up some caution tape and a few safety cones and went on with other things.  You are ALL to blame, You – our Elected Officials our Government Of and By.  You can’t expect the greedy (Wall St.) not to chase the gold, of course they will – which is why we elected all you assholes in the first place, to PROTECT US, to make sure this didn’t happen.  And this is as good a fucking chance as any that any Presidential candidate is going to get to show us what you’re made of.  Show me precisely WHY I should vote for you.  We are facing a disastrous period in time and we need a President who can lead this nation to calmer waters and we need it NOW.


I don’t know.  I don’t know what the answer is to any of this mess, but what I do know, is that things are about to change forever.  Whether that bodes well or not for this country will be determined in the coming days and I can only hope that the wrong choices are not made.  Because if they are………well, look at it this way, if our country goes belly up, at least They are all out of jobs, too.

P.S.  Conspiracy theories aside, I do find it very interesting that McCain moves to “suspend his campaign” at the same time as Palin proves she knows fuckall about, well, ANYTHING that a Vice Presidential candidate should know.  Oh, and didn’t y’all think Dubya was just giving it his all reading that craptastic speech last night?  You could see he was concentratin’ SO HARD on all the big words.  Bless it.

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