I must be PMSing because once again, I am going to post something about love. I figure we could all use a little sunshine and happiness after such a brutal and frightening day.

So I have a “friend.” Distance and the strange, surprising twists our lives have taken have kept us apart, and will possibly keep us apart forever, despite an abiding adoration of one another. But we have, in the last two years, managed to see one another maybe twice a year. Sort of a “Same Time, Next Year” kind of thing, except it’s bi-annual.

Today I realized in horror that Aunt Flo will likely be arriving smack-dab in the midst of our next rare visit.  And here is our exchange. It brought a wee tear to my eye.

Trixie: Goddammit! Aunt Flo has arrived! Do you know what that means?

Hottie: What?

Trixie: It means she’s going to rain on our parade!

Hottie: Who cares?

Trixie: I care!

Hottie: I am always the girl in this relationship. Because I’ll be happy just to neck with you. I want to feel your warmth. I want to wake up next to you. I want to see how cute you look when you answer the door. I want you to take my arm when we go for a walk. Yes, I’d like to bone you in six different ways, but I’d be more than content with all of the above.