Welcome to another weekly edition of Inside Our Sugar Walls, the blog spot where you get the most dyke for your dollar.  As you might have guessed, this week the resident lesbians of BCP discuss with us their favorite lesbian film moments (no, no porn this week – naughty!) after the jump:

**The Absolutely True Adventures Of Two Girls In Love by BAngieB**

I don’t have a long explanation as to why I love this movie. Maybe that’s because my head is too congested for me to string more than two sentences together. I will say that this movie has lots of good stuff – girls kissing, tomboys, mad parents, a bi-racial relationship, etc. Please to enjoy this clip, then go rent it for yourself.


**Aimée and Jaguar by SBJ**

Based on a true story, Aimée and Jaguar is a German film made in the late nineties and set in Berlin during WWII. It’s a beautifully made film about a Jewish woman in an underground organization who assumes a false identity in order to survive, and the woman she falls in love with, who is married to a German soldier. Excerpts from genuine love letters they exchanged during the war as well as official correspondence punctuate their affair and the mood of this movie throughout. The sex scenes or (certainly for that time – they’re wonderfully artsy!) explicit scenes in the film are lush and seeping around the lifted hems, of course, with danger, but they are also very much the picture of women who insist as if they’ve no choice upon living in the face of a death which permeates every other moment. It does a superb and graceful job of being a story about both the war and a truly remarkable and brave lesbian love. The message? Love transcends death.


**Better Than Chocolate by BritneyCanadaWhore**

Ah, Better Than Chocolate. This fun little Canadian movie is, according to this lesbian, possibly the epitome of dyke movie cheese. The plot follows the not-yet-out Maggie who recently dropped out of university and is working at a queer Vancouver bookstore when she meets Kim, a nomadic artist who lives out of her crazy van. Maggie and Kim hit it off right away, but complications ensue when Maggie’s recently-divorced mother arrives with Maggie’s younger brother in tow for a surprise visit: Maggie’s not out to her family, and has to figure out how to make it all work without screwing anything up. Meanwhile, Maggie’s bookstore is embroiled in battles with Canada Customs over “obscene” material being held up at the border and Maggie and Kim both get involved in the struggle. The supporting cast provide great comic relief, the soundtrack features plenty of Ani (right?), and there’s at least one decent sex scene with Maggie and Kim on the couch, though by “decent” I mean it’s pretty realistic but short, and semi-spoiled by the fact that Maggie’s younger bro is watching from the wings. Also the movie features a sequence wherein Kim and Maggie strip down, paint each other’s bodies, and roll around on big canvases to girly music and overdubbed twinkly chime sounds – for that one I’ll let you be the judge. And yes, it IS a Sarah McLachlan reference! (also Canadian!!) Good eye!

Check out the trailer for a better idea:


**Desert Hearts by Inchworm**

Set in 1959 and made in 1985 for $350K, Desert Hearts is generally considered to be the first full-length “mainstream” lesbian movie (it netted that year’s Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, and it remains my favorite of the innumerable fabulous lesbian movies out there today.

The basics: Vivian (Helen Shaver) is a 35-year-old Professor at Columbia who moves to Reno to obtain a husband for her divorce, because she “drowned in still waters.” Cay (Patricia Charbonneau) is a 25-year-old casino worker and sculptor who plays a relatively ‘out’ tomboy who just failed at her first attempt at dating a man, her boss, because she “allowed (her)self to become attracted to his attraction.”

You can probably guess the rest: Cay knows instantly that she will fall for Vivian – Vivian who never had plans to be a lesbian. The movie does an admirable job of realistically portraying their chemistry and connection. It can be a little cheesy at times (Cay says that Vivian “just reached in and put a string of lights around my heart”), and a little pokey at others. But it’s a beautiful movie with a fantastic soundtrack, and Charbonneau in particular can be really captivating in her role. It also includes probably my favorite lesbian movie sex scene; it’s raw and touching and it turns me on every damn time.

Watch the trailer and go forth and rent.


**Loving Annabelle by AYL**

Loving Annabelle is about a 17 year old, Annabelle, who is shipped off to a Catholic boarding school as a last attempt by her parents to keep her out of the apparent trouble she repeatedly gets herself into. Once there, Annabelle, who we learn is a lesbian, becomes increasingly attracted to her English poetry teacher, thirty-something year old Simone Bradley. Being the precocious and relentless little thing that Annabelle is, she pursues Simone in a number of different ways: pointing out sexual undertones in poems during class, seeking out Simone in the late hours of the night to “talk,” (read: caressing Simone’s chest while fondling her crucifix) and even going so far as to advance herself on Simone for a kiss. Kids today…

Resisting the temptation, the two start to form a bond and end up conversing with each other frequently about life, love, and…Christ? No. As their unusual friendship builds, so does the sexual tension, and the two end up having sex back at Simone’s room. Though the sex scene is basic, it’s the element of forbidden love that gets the juices flowing. They start out kissing up against a wall and the next thing you know, bras are coming off, the rain is pounding on the windows, and you’re biting your nails, worrying someone’s going to walk in on them! But what starts in trouble, ends in trouble – and with that, ya’ll can rent it or get yourselves a copy to see what happens next. Get your rosaries ready, because this movie’s a sinful pleasure 10 Hail Mary’s won’t forgive!

*Contributed by Angiesyounglover, BAngieB, BritneyCanadaWhore, Inchworm & SkinnyBoneJones.*