A little birdy, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us this outrage-inducing tip last week that definitely deserves a look.  Proceed with caution, as it may cause your fat-assed blood pressure to rise.

Said birdy introduced us to a site/email list called HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out.  Essentially, in the words of our tipster, “it’s a service where reporters can post requests for interview subjects and, if it’s relevant, PR people or whomever can then direct the reporters to their clients.”

All well and good, and seems like it might be fun to check out, right?  Presumably so.  However, the birdy received the following missive in her email inbox and forwarded it to us to second her disbelief.  

Act fast, fat-asses, because the deadline for response is this afternoon.  See what has pissed us off, after the jump.



The email query/entreaty: 

Summary: Healthy size 2 women for fitness book

Category: Lifestyle & Entertainment

Name: Marc

Email: marcpent@msn.com

Title: author

Media Outlet/Publication: Stance Publications

Anonymous? No

Specific Geographic Region? No


Deadline: 6:00 PM PACIFIC – October 3


“I’m looking for women who are a dress size 2 and who have achieved
and maintained they’re slim shape through aerobic activities, a
good diet and a healthy lifestyle (not smoking, bizarre diets or
surgical intervention). Women who have a larger frame and a size 4
are also requested to respond. I am also very interested in women
who may have been overweight in the past but through healthy means
have been able to achieve a dress size 2 or 4. This is for a new
book which will be released early next year. Respondents can elect
to have their brief stories included with either their full names,
occupation and ages or with only their first name, occupation and
age range listed. If you would be willing to include your photos
for possible publication in the book, this would also be greatly
appreciated. Your participation will hopefully inspire other women
to also adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Besides the observation that an allegedly professional writer who doesn’t understand the difference between “they’re” and “their” deserves an immediate smack and loses credibility, we see a few other difficulties with this request.  For one thing, clothing sizes are bullshit, as every woman who is a 10 in one store, a 6 to 8 in another, and an inexplicable 14 in a third, knows.  Also, I can only hope MarcPent is appealing to extremely short women because to fit into a size 2 at my own height of 5’8″, I expect I would have to be a “healthy” 105 pounds or so.   Funny, because a BMI test at the doctor would find me within a quite healthy weight range.  Maybe we should email Marc with a few more thoughts.