I have the tendency to forget sometimes that I reside in the “blueberry in the tomato soup” known as Travis County, Texas (Austin) until election time. I’m liberal. Everyone I know is liberal. I just don’t know where all of the conservatives are hanging out, or hiding for that matter.

During my coveted pedicure time this weekend I discovered that they can pop up when you least expect it. Please see my exchange below with the GEICO Insurance model’s doppelganger (the hipster chick, not the gecko), Ms. OPI Red:
Ms. OPI Red: Well, I like Biden, but he’s not runnin’ for president, he’s runnin’ for vice president.

Paisley: Yeah, Biden is good. I liked him in the preliminaries. Just not as much as I liked Hillary. I voted for Hillary.


Ms. OPI Red: [wide-eyed look] You did?!?
Paisley: Well, yeah. She was the most qualified. I used to qualify that statement with “in my opinion,” but it’s simply true.
Ms. OPI Red: So, you’re votin’ for McCain?

Paisley: Um, no. Obama.

Ms. OPI Red: Now see, I might vote Obama, because everybody says he’s going to be killed and then Biden would be president.

Paisley: [wide-eyed look] Uh, you know, I think that’s just hyperbole. Every president — actually, every elected official — deals with death threats. I don’t think that will happen.

Ms. OPI Red: Oh. Well, then. I better vote McCain.

Please share the most ridonkulous reasoning you’ve heard lately on why someone is voting for either presidential candidate in the comments below.

Submitted by Paisley Pajamas