Now that I live in New York City (well, I live in NowImPissed’s basement in Brooklyn, but same difference), I knew the day would soon come when I would see my pretty, pretty girl in the flesh.  After only two weeks, it happened Monday night.

Lindsay held the launch of her leggings line (“6126” – Marilyn Monroe’s birthdate) at Henri Bendel (an iconic department store housed in three townhouses with Lalique windows on 5th Avenue – a place where S and B would totally shop).  I arrived around 6:30 p.m. and there was a mob on the sidewalk outside … crazy paps, screaming teenagers, and a large number of gay teenaged boys.  The person who seemed most excited was a small boy, and he was FIRED up.  The store was full of crazed fans and the doormen were keeping everyone out.  People were pushing and arguing.  Now, here’s where being a well-dressed, all-the-way grown up person with a nice bag served me well:  when the doorman blocked my entry to the store I adopted bitchface and asked him “what is going on” and stated “I need makeup” and he apologized and led me inside. 

As Lindsay walked by us, I thought “Hmmm, I should have worn a `BAngie’ hat…you know, just in case.”  The photo above is a shot I snapped of her as she walked past me.

As soon as I got inside, I laid eyes on Lindsay, who, I must say, is breathtakingly beautiful in person.  She is so much prettier when she is being natural rather than posing, and she didn’t look fake-tanned at all.  I continued with my fake indifference and was led through the crowd and into the makeup section, where salespeople were very happy to help me.  I went to the NARS counter and played makeup with a very nice lady named Janice who is expecting a daughter in January (yeah, yeah, I’m Southern, I visit). I purchased my makeup and now had the ticket: a bag from the store.  Meanwhile, angiesyounglover arrives and finds me.  I gave her my camera and she was off to capture pictures of my pretty, pretty girl.  She was a trooper!  I may or may not have allowed someone to believe that, because of her age, AYL was the one who was excited to see Lindsay (I’m sorry, Boo).  Anyway, although I am WAY too bitchy to be in a crowd, I joined her and she snapped the picture below.

I spent the next hour browsing around the store, being allowed into closed sections, and, basically, acting like a couldn’t care less about Lindsay Lohan.  After a cup of coffee at the Chocolate Bar on the third floor, I inquired about the restroom and was directed into the closed section of the store where Lindsay was shopping. 

I know you are all wondering about Samantha, but she wasn’t there.  Who else did we see?  Ali Lohan, Charlotte Ronson, and Ann Dexter-Jones.  And, of course, Dina, and we snapped a picture of her doing her best bitchface:

So, there you have it.  BAngieB within 12 inches of her pretty, pretty girl.  Let the jaywords fly.

— Joyously Contributed by BAngieB —