I went out to lunch with someone yesterday who was outrageously rude to our waitress. Barking orders at her, sneering at her, ordering things back because he changed his mind about them,  yada yada yada.

And I realized being rude to waiters and waitresses, taxi drivers, sales clerks, etc., might be one of the most unappealing characteristics to be possessed by a person, right up there with cheapness. I feel it is revelatory of a person’s true character, and for that reason, I would never have lunch with this person again, even though he was just a business asscociate.  It was appalling, and I found myself hoping the waitress spit in his food.

My ex was always rude to waiters, and it used to drive me crazy, and we all know what a nice guy he turned out to be (maybe not … never mind). Tell BCP about your own stories of spending time with people who are “rude to the help.”