So I believe I have mentioned a crazy person is in love with me. I cut this crazy person off for good when I moved here after a brief period of dating. And yet, the e-mails have still kept coming, even though I answer thusly: “Yes.” “No.” “Perhaps.” Lately, I have just stopped answering.

Anyway, CuckooBird got word I was back in town due to our having mutual friends and me running into one of his colleagues on the street. I was staying, with my paramour, in a hotel that was just around the corner from CuckooBird’s work and was going to meet my best friend there for a drink before I had to go to work function with aforementioned paramour. About 10 minutes before our meeting, she texted frantically: “Do NOT go to the bar in the hotel! CuckooBird is there right now having a drink with a contact!”

And so fine, we didn’t go. But before long he knew I was in town, asked her about it and she told him indeed, not only was I in town, but I was staying at the very hotel where he himself was having a drink. AND HE WENT NUTS.

By nuts I mean I began receiving angry, hostile e-mails that went on all night, while I was dining with my paramour and then preparing to engage in our fifth round of loving after a morning and afternoon spent on Planet Carnal Bliss. The e-mails were insane, nonsensical, and if you read them, you’d believe that he and I had been engaged to be married and I had run off on him without explanation a week before the wedding. And yet, by nights’ end, he was pleading with me to come and stay over at his apartment. The next morning, as my paramour and I left the hotel hand in hand to go have breakfast, I am pretty sure I saw him ducking into a convenience store across the street.

I reamed him out the night of his e-mails and yet got another one again the next day, trying to explain himself. And so now my question is this: do I send him one long-ass e-mail, spelling out for him his complete insanity and warning him never, ever to contact me again? Or do I just ignore and delete? He is so nuts that I actually feel silence will be seen as a sign of encouragement to him, and that I might need to seriously and menacingly read him the riot act once and for all.