Last night I lay awake til 2 a.m. fretting about bills, tuition fees, money management, the fact that I cannot get an American credit card because I have no credit, the fact that Washington Gas will not give me an account because they say there is something wrong with my Social Security Number even though Social Security tells me there isn’t, star-crossed love, stalkers, my future, my job, my children’s happiness, my cats, a friend who hurt my feelings, and whether I will die alone.

Imagine my delight to learn that some of my friends were up either first thing in the morning or until the wee hours of the morning fretting about many of the same things.

This is an affliction I have always suffered from — certainly made much worse with the arrival of children — and one that I hope subsides as my kids become adults. But given all the ridiculously fretful old ladies I know, I doubt that.

Tell us, are you a wee-hours fretter? And if so, what most keeps you awake at night?