Like Kadinsk, I find myself travelling a lot. On long flights or while waiting in various airport lounges after Air Canada announces once again that they’ve cancelled another flight because the “plane is broken” or they’ve “lost some flight crew members,” I find myself turning to the SkyMall catalogue.

On the one hand, the catalogue features some items that seem like brilliant must-haves — I am thinking now of the pages and pages of hair removal devices, the automatically refreshing kitty-cat water bowl, the all-season upside-down tomato planter and one that I am actually seriously considering buying: an ottoman that folds out into a cot. It’s attractive yet practical! I am just not crazy about the colour selection for the ottoman’s slip covers — either tan, brown or red, while I would prefer a nice periwinkle blue or a daffodil yellow. Oh dear.

But except for the aforementioned kitty cat bowls, it’s the pet items I find most hilarious in the SkyMall catalogue — especially this litter box posing as a planter. Because really, it’s so appealing to have company over and watch your cat stroll into the room and then take a large dump in your flower planter as you’re chatting over the goat-cheese lentil canapes.


Some of the personal items are also laugh-out-loud funny.

Like this “Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar.” Fight stress by inhaling oxygen while listening to the soothing sounds of waves lapping the shore …



Finding it a bit chilly inside and you’re a bit of a miser? Check out the “Slanket!”


And while lying around inhaling your oxygen or encased in your Slanket, have you noticed you’ve packed on a few pounds? Don’t bother buying new clothes in a bigger size, silly! Instead, simply stretch the ones you’ve got:

Has anyone ever actually ordered anything from the SkyMall catalogue? If so, what, and how did it turn out? I am endlessly intrigued. And by all means, send along the funniest items you’ve noticed in the SkyMall catalogue to, and we’ll post the picture.