Attention BCP’ers!  One of your fellow Buttercups has a quandary, please to offer your advice:

Back in the day ( 4-5 yrs ago), I used to work with this chica. She is relatively sane and generally a nice person.  I unfortunately made the mistake of giving her my digits.  Chica is a Chatty Cathy. She can talk for hours and hours about stuff that I am really not that interested in.  I consider her more of an acquaintance than a friend. I moved away, dropped off the face of the planet, and “lost touch”. Well she has been trying to reconnect with me through former friends and now has found me on Facebook. What should this Buttercup do? I was thinking of pretending that I wasn’t me, but my name is not that common.

Now, I know what I would do, (ignore) but I’m kind of a stonecold bitch at times.  I’m sure y’all will have much more constructive input to offer.  Buttercups Activate!