Uuuuuuum, so have you guys heard the one about the lady watching hardcore porn on her iPod on the L train this week? Well, now you have:


“A female passenger on the L train in New York City was watching hard-core porn on her iPod, described by a witness as “some serious, butt-humping porn.” And it’s not like this was something that her co-commuters just happened to notice by looking over her shoulder. This was something she made ABUNDANTLY clear, because she was yelling at the iPod, providing commentary that can only be described as pure genius:

[She] could be heard from both sides of the train. “Oh, here we go, here we go, THERE YOU GO, GET IT, GET IT, OHhhhhhh Damn, let’s get a close-up, zoom in, wake up New York check this sh*t out, close-up New York City!!!”


While I can’t speak for everyone here at ButtercupPunch, I for one knew it wouldn’t be very long at all before our own BAngieB made a lasting impression on the people of New York City. HAHAHAHAAAA!!