Ahh, Fall.  Perhaps my favorite season with it’s beautiful fiery shades in the trees, the crispness to the air, the reduction in humidity and of course, the chance to wear fall fashions.  Here’s what I’m currently in lurve with:

Wool coats. I love me some wool coats, especially the grey one I just got from Banana Republic.  I already have a black one but it has a hood (don’t know why I keep buying coats with hoods anyway) so I’m debating against getting the same one in black or maybe this red one.





DiorShow Iconic. You know, I wasn’t sure I would like this newest addition to the DiorShow line buticonic-closeup after giving it a couple of tries, I do.  Much like the original DiorShow, it’s the brush that makes me happy here.  The pic is not that great but whereas a DiorShow brush is big, fat and lush-lash-making, the Iconic brush has smaller, more pronounced little nubby things on the wand.  It’s wonderful for separating each little lash and I use it primarily when I am going for a less made up look.  As a bonus, I find I can later brush on mascara using the regular DiorShow fatty brush for a look that is lush and defined at the same time.


coalfaceLUSH Coalface. This one is really not a fall/winter product and I imagine for a lot of people it might be the last thing they would use to wash their face when the air is drier.  But I have skin that is oilier than a used car salesman’s pitch, so this stuff is fantastic for me.  I do hate the way it smells, but after a few washes your olfactories learn to ignore it.


LUSH Mask of Magnaminty. Again, not a fall/winter product but I need all the help I can get with keepingmaskofmagnaminty oil slicks of my face.  I actually don’t use this as a full on mask, instead I apply a very thin layer to certain areas at night and wear it to bed.  It helps to keep me from waking up with pizza face and is aces at drying up zits, too.


spanx-tightsBoots and Spanx leggings.  Look hawt and slim(mer) at the same time.  Okay, maybe my favoritest part of cold weather is being able to wear boots.  And as much as I hate to admit, I would be lost without Spanx tights (which now come in lots of fun colors!).   God bless you, lycra.


Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel. For the prevention of cracked, scaly skin.  I mentioned this yesterday incocoabuttergel Panda’s post – I love this stuff.  I was using the baby oil gel but I kinda hate the smell of baby oil in general, so when I saw this stuff I had to try it.  It smells divine and if you have a little color in your skin I swear it makes it glow ever so slightly, like you’ve been sprinkled with just a hint of super fine gold dust.  Or maybe I just have really good (but deceptive) lighting in my bathroom.


sephora-cuticle-gelSephora/OPI Cuticle Oil. To guard against the dryness from handwashing and overheated offices.  I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter for ages, but the stuff is just not strong enough for my Sahara like cuticles.  I’ve been using this stuff from Sephora for about a week (it says oil but it’s actually a gel) and so far I like it.  It has a light watermelon scent which I appreciate since every cuticle treatment I have ever tried smells like medicated ass.


Sports. Because baseball finally gets offa my teevee (sorry Amazon and Scoregasm).  I lost my taste for football-mapbaseball during the strike (the first one) and ever since I just can’t get into it.  I’ll go to a game because it’s fun to sit in the $5 seats and yell shit at the opposing team, but football is my preferred pastime for hollering at the screen, with basketball coming in second.


Deep Fried Turkey!! Mmmmmm, in my house there is no better way to do turkey than to deep fry that bad boy.  Except maybe my Granny’s way, but who has time to sit up all night making sure the bird is soaking up a delicious crispy bacon bath?  I’m not gonna lie though, besides the wonderful tastes that come from injecting the bird with marinade and keeping it ever-so-juicy (MOIST!) in the oil, the best part about deep frying a turkey may be that I DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING COOK IT.  Alls I do is prep it and leave it to Mr. K to handle, since the fryer hangs out outside.  And y’all?  Please don’t go trying to deep fry anything with an unbalanced boiling vat of peanut oil sitting right next to your open gasoline container and right under the box of Christmas wrapping paper while you’re wearing flip flops.  You don’t want to end up with this mess.


So tell me, what do you love or hate most about this time of year?