Well, while last night was a great night for intelligent, progressive Americans, today is looking like a rough day for the knuckle-draggers known as “white supremacists.” A few minutes ago, I was just sitting in my cube catching up on the exit polls, when a co-worker comes by to inform me that I should avoid downtown Memphis this weekend. Why? Because David Duke is apparently holding a KKK rally (which they’re calling a “EURO conference.” EURO stands for European-American Unity and Rights, which is a new incarnation of the original group title NO FEAR- the National Organization for European-American Rights- which the clothing company No Fear sued into non-existence while Duke himself was still cowering in exile in Moscow trying to beat a hefty tax evasion rap). Way to burst my bubble, there, hate groups! The facts, the rumors, and more horribleness to put you off your food after the jump.

At least the Mid-South is not taking Duke’s swamp trash bullshit lying down. Apparently, the “conference” was originally supposed to take place outside of Memphis, in the safety and Caucasian security of a hotel in Olive Branch- not far from the aptly named town of Whitehaven. However, the methods with which EURO used to secure their spot in Northern Mississippi are suspect. According to a Memphis Commercial Appeal article re-posted on (ugh!) a Vanguard forum (I can’t find the original on the CA website, and I had no idea what this forum was until google puked it up in my search results), EURO originally told the hotel they were an environmentalist group, and only made their white supremacist reality known when the contracts were signed and mailed in. Once civil rights groups in the Mid-South got wind of this, the hotel’s manager’s personal info was circulated (bad form, civil rights groups), and he resigned from his position. The hotel has since cancelled EURO’s contract, and will not be allowing the group to hold their conference on it’s property.

Duke has issued statements to the Commercial Appeal calling the situation “un-American” and threatens to sue. However, Duke’s camp has not yet said whether or not they will cancel their efforts in Olive Branch full stop, propting the DeSoto County police to declare a “state of emergency” beginning at 8am on Friday. There are also rumors, like the ones circulating in my very office, that Duke will take his white hood and pony show to the square near the courthouse in downtown Memphis, an area used by white supremacists to hold hate rallies at least once a year.

Now, OK, I support every Americans constitutional right to peacefully assemble, but this attempted cancellation is completely justified. We’ve just elected the first Black president in US history, and it hasn’t even been 2 weeks since the feds busted two skinheads with a plan to slaughter 88 innocent Black children before trying to get Obama in the cross hairs. So this whole “conference” idea is in even more poor taste than usual for a disgusting group like EURO. In my opinion, the whole purpose of such an event (besides shameless publicity-whoring, David Duke being the original Tila Tequila in that respect) is to invite controversy and possibly incite violence against minorities. The KKK is, and has always been, a terrorist organization. As long as they make it their mission to intimidate, persecute, control and kill other Americans, they do not deserve to enjoy the same rights as law-abiding citizens. So good on you, Mid-South, for not allowing this shit to go down in our backyard after the most uplifting, inspiring evening Americans have seen in decades.

Down with HATE

Up with HOPE