I hate Fox News for obvious reasons — it’s not a news channel as much as a propaganda machine. And yet I have always liked Shep Smith, particularly during the Katrina aftermath, when he frequently went nuts on George W. Bush’s ass. Watch his utter shock and disbelief when Ralph Nader refuses to apologize for questioning whether Barack Obama is an “Uncle Tom.” You might want to ease up a bit on the mascara, Shep, but otherwise, jolly good show! And the unapologetic Nader. Please. Go away. For good. You’re DONE.

As one of my best friends, who covered Washington politics for 10 years, just noted about Nader:

“He seeks long-squandered relevance through outrageousness. He has diminished his great achievements first through ensuring George W. Bush got elected and now by trying to smear a man who seeks to undo the damage he helped Bush wreak.”