Way to get me to open your email, Shiseido. Nothing entices me quite like the phrases “straight from the runways” and “limited edition.” Touche’. Anyway, Shiseido is pimping a newly re-released limited-edition cream-to-powder eyeshadow, “Prouenze Schouler Blue.”



What makes this shadow so special? Well, other than that it’s a highly-saturated cobalt blue in a line devoted to muted shades, it was featured prominently during PS’s Fall runway show. After the jump, see pics from the runway, and I’ll tell you how to re-create the look at home!psrun-1
Isn’t she looovelyyy?! 

Anyway, I’m really not a fan of blue eyeshadow, but if you’re going out or something, I could see this look being OK. It’s basically a smokey eye, only in cobalt and turquoise. Which, would never ever work on me, as smokey eyes do the dual duty of making my face look fat and drag-queenish, and blues wash me out like “whoa.” But anyway, maybe this will work for you. I could see this looking really good on dark-skinned and tan girls, as well as uber-pale ice blondes.




Start with a mostly bare face. As Tim Gunn would say- this is a whole lotta look, so you don’t need much else. With an angled liner brush and the Shiseido Proenza Blue, carefully line the entire eye:




If you’re sloppy at lining, have some makeup remover and cotton swabs handy. Highly-pigmented shadows are hard to take off if you color outside the lines. However, you don’t need to be too precise, as you’ll just blend the hell out of this stuff anyway. Step 2: blend the PS Blue all over the whole lid, with progressively less color towards the browbone:




Once you have those bases covered, you’ll want to cut in some tonal shimmering shadows, to give the look dimension. I like Make Up For Ever’s diamond shadow, as they’re light, shimmery, and buildable.



For this look, I suggest these shades:
 Turquoise gold, which is a lot more of a primary blue in person 920421_sw

 1127547_sw Turquoise
 and white/gold- which is very sheer gold 468868_sw


Take your turquoise gold, or the darkest shimmery blue powder you have, and work it onto your PS blue base, focusing on the outer corner of the eye:



Next, cut in the lighter blue around the middle of the eye on the upper and lower lids. Blend it out into the other blue, and up towards the browbone.




Last, take your white gold and work it into the inner corner of the eye. You may want to mix it with the lighter blue, as the white gold tends to be really yellow-y, and may stand out too much. Also, concentrate a little of the white gold onto the browbone.




You’re done! Once you’ve got all 4 colors blended in, you may want to go back with the PS blue and trace a razor-thin line at the lash line on the upper and lower lids, just to retain definition. The color gradient should be seamless and subtle. It should look like this:



  Happy makeup-ing!